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About Indian Academy

Indian Academy Education Trust (IAET)

IAET was established by Dr. T. Somasekhar, who is a visionary academician and a dynamic leader. The Trust’s vision of offering top quality higher education solutions is ably nurtured by dedicated and accomplished trustees. Systematic execution of long cherished plans resulted in the establishment of many educational institutions in the last two decades. These institutions aim to impart formal, full-time education, are duly recognized by the State and Central Governments, and have been established and approved as per the guidelines of Statutory Bodies. The institutions listed below in the order of their establishment, comprise “Indian Academy Group of Institutions”.

  • Indian Academy Degree College Autonomous - IADCA
  • Indian Academy Pre University College - IAPUC
  • Indian Academy College of Nursing - IACN
  • Indian Academy School of Nursing - IASN
  • IA School of Management Studies - IASMS
  • Indian Academy Evening College - IAEC

A number of centres have also been established in order to support the objectives and enrich the functioning of the formal institutions mentioned above. A few of them are:

  • Indian Academy Centre for Research & Post Graduate Studies - IACRPGS
  • Indian Academy Centre for Professional Excellence - IACPE
  • Indian Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning - IACEL
  • Sri Aurobindo Centre for Education in Human Values - SACEHV
  • Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services - IACSPS

Within a short span of time, Indian Academy Group of Institutions proceeded to transform into one of the most well-acclaimed institutions of recent times, and has made an indelible mark in the map of higher education. The Indian Academy Education Trust aspires to design top quality curricula in a diversity of other disciplines, and construct more institutions with state of the art facilities.