Institutional Social Responsibility

The Indian Academy Education Trust is unwaveringly dedicated to social responsibility. In consonance with this commitment, the Indian Academy Group of Institutions (IAGI) demonstrates an increasing responsiveness towards community-based development initiatives. The role of proactive agents of social change is not merely a strategic priority at the Indian Academy; rather, it is perceived as a compelling and imperative responsibility. The pivotal agenda underlying our social initiatives is the sensitization of both students and staff, thereby affirming our commitment to being a group of educational institutions that bear a profound sense of social responsibility.

Our steadfast dedication to social responsibility is actualized through a multifaceted approach, encompassing the following domains:

Adoption of Schools

Extending assistance to underprivileged schools constitutes a central tenet of Indian Academy’s social responsibility endeavors. Given our status as institutions of higher education, we firmly believe that the seeds of transformation must be sown at an early stage. To this end, we have adopted 12 schools since 2008 under the Namma Shale Namma Koduge programme in and around Bengaluru.

The work done by IAGI in association with the adopted schools are largely improvements in infrastructure and facilities.

Some attention has also been focused on developing student capacity by involving students of our own colleges.

Partnership with the Bangalore Traffic Police

The Indian Academy has been a proactive collaborator with the Bangalore traffic police, actively participating in multiple initiatives aimed at promoting awareness of traffic regulations. The institution consistently contributes by providing traffic barricades, signage, police jackets, and traffic police booths. Furthermore, they regularly organize awareness campaigns and engage in activities related to traffic rules for both students and staff within the campus, in close cooperation with the local traffic authorities

Blood Donation and Health Camps

Annually, the NSS and Red Cross Associations organize blood donation camps, with blood donations channelled towards non-profit organizations and blood banks, including TTK blood bank. In addition to these, annual health camps are conducted for the betterment of the community, extending benefits not only to students and staff but also to the broader populace.
The students affiliated with the NSS wings and B. Sc. Nursing programs contribute actively to pulse polio drives, offering their voluntary services. Indian Academy collaborates with NGOs such as the Freedom Foundation, Rotary Clubs, and Lions Clubs to conduct awareness programs and campaigns on various social issues.

Awareness Promotion Campaigns

Our students are consistently engaged in and responsible for organizing awareness promotion rallies, campaigns, and activities. These endeavours address critical themes such as the perils of drunken driving, AIDS awareness, compliance with traffic regulations, prevention of sexual abuse, curbing female infanticide, and the promotion of Gandhian values, among others. Some of these rallies are held on significant national occasions, including Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, Ambedkar Jayanti, and Republic Day, with the aim of sensitizing students, staff, and neighbouring communities.

Promotion of Arts and Culture

IAGI actively champions initiatives aimed at the promotion of arts and culture, in harmony with its core objectives. The trust extends generous support towards various book launch ceremonies, the publication of music albums featuring literary works, such as Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Savitri,’ and various cultural trusts and foundations. Eminent artists and poets are regularly invited and honoured on such occasions.

Assistance to Government Agencies

The premises of IAGI are made available to government agencies, including the Karnataka Public Services Commission, and other nodal entities to facilitate the conduct of state recruitment examinations. Apart from providing infrastructural facilities, we allocate teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure the seamless execution of these activities. Additionally, infrastructural resources and human assets are also offered to the Election Commission of India during election periods.

Beyond these initiatives, our institutions actively fulfil their social responsibility by undertaking transformative practices, such as:

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