Pursuing an under graduation from Indian Academy Degree College nurtured my inclination towards biological science and research. The faculty members were really hard working and more importantly caring. In fact, some of them had lend me their personal reference books and encouraged to pursue higher education. I was fortunate that with their encouragement, blessings and my perseverance, I was able to get admission into Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay for my Masters and PhD. After that I worked as a Research Associate at Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI), Faridabad, an autonomous institute of Department of Biotechnology for almost two years. Currently I am working as a Project Scientist at in Stem-NCBS, for developing antiviral platforms against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses.

Dr. Jigme Wangchuk
B.Sc.(Genetics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology)
Batch 2007-2010
Project Scientist-I : inStem-NCBS, BLiSC Campus,Bangalore.

Indian Academy is very close to my heart as I’ve spent 5 precious years at IADC (PU & Degree). I am delighted to share my experience of my college. My time at IADC was a transformative experience, and I believe this institution deserves recognition for its outstanding qualities. Whether it’s the library or laboratories, the college ensures that students have access to all the resources. Also, allows us to participate in multiple activities, such as sports, inter-collegiate cultural events, NSS etc. So that we can excel academically and personally.

The faculty members at IADC are not only experts in their respective fields but also genuinely care about the success of their students. They are approachable, always willing to help, and go the extra mile to ensure that we receive the guidance and support we need. I was able to participate and achieve in my sports career by representing Bangalore University to All India University and Karnataka State for Senior Nationals Boxing federation and securing medal in South India Boxing Championship and multiple other events. Thank you IADC faculties for being the biggest support system that helped me achieve my desired goals.

Prashanth K
PU & B Com
Batch 2005-2007 and 2007-2010
Founder & CEO: Franchise4 Sure Pvt. Ltd.

It was only two years ago that I arrived at the IA School of Management Studies (IASMS) as an MBA student. Initially, I was unsure about my surroundings, questioning why I was here. However, I must emphasize that the most crucial two years of my career began right here at IASMS. IASMS has truly been a transformational force; the unwavering support from our faculty encouraged me to think innovatively and participate in every aspect of life.
In addition to my academic pursuits, I was diligently trained to enhance my skills and aptitude by the IASMS Placement team, which greatly assisted me in succeeding in interviews. I honed my presentation and leadership abilities through active participation in college events. These experiences have all contributed to shaping a purposeful life.

For the upcoming batches, I would like to impart this wisdom: Embrace every opportunity that life presents to you. Only by participating will you discover your potential. Don’t draw conclusions about your capabilities without even making an attempt.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Faculty team, Admin team, and Placement team for their guidance in paving the way for me to pursue my life goals.

Ms.Hamsaveni HS
IA School of Management Studies
Batch- 2020-22
Process Delivery Specialist: IBM

I completed my B.Com degree at IADC. I learned about the college through friends who attended the pre-university program.
My first impression of the college was that it was committed to student progress, with a diverse student body and experienced, humble teachers.
During my first year, I got acquainted with the course and surroundings, and from there, I never looked back. We balanced fun with our primary goal of learning and professional growth, with ample resources provided by the college. Campus recruitment was a pioneering feature.
Our former Principal, Mr. Somashekar Thummala, emphasized discipline and success. His vision led to the institute’s significant growth.
Sixteen years later, I can confidently say our education, discipline, and work ethic at IADC have placed us on par with professionals worldwide.
I’m grateful to the college management, teachers, and staff for shaping us into successful individuals.
Private Cloud (VMware) DXC Technology.

Mustaqeem Fazil
B Com
Batch: 2004-2007
Manager: Private Cloud (VMware)
DXC Technology

In 2001, Indian Academy Degree College, as it was known, marked a significant milestone in my life. I walked into this college with no knowledge of its background or what the future held for me. Looking back from then to today, I can confidently say that my time at IADC was the best three years of my life, during which I discovered myself as a person. It paved the way for me to uncover my hidden capabilities.
Our teachers not only encouraged us to excel in our classes but also to showcase our talents to the outside world. We learned to adapt to hostel life, forged wonderful friendships, studied diligently, and had a great deal of fun. Whether it was our first seminar in college or our initial participation in a fashion show, we always knew that the faculty and our friends would provide unwavering support.
I want to give special recognition to Dr. Somasekhar and Bharathi Madam, who ensured that we were heard and never felt alone, even when far from home. This institution helped us start thinking about our future, encouraged personal development, and guided us on a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

Priyanka Sen
B Sc.- Life Sciences
Batch: 2001-2003
Head of Applications, Industrial Microbiology: bioMerieux India Pvt.Ltd.

It’s been 19 years since I crossed the threshold of IADC as a budding and aspiring Microbiologist. This is the place where my dreams were nurtured to mature and bloom. During my 3years of academic tenure I was trusted and supported from day 1 which enhanced my self-confidence and also uplifted my academic development to make me the person I am today. After completion of my post-graduation in Medical Microbiology from Kasturba Medical College Manipal, I have worked as a lecturer in Medical college and also as a consultant Microbiologist in few renowned laboratories in Kolkata. Presently I am a senior Microbiologist and Health and safety officer at Synlab, United Kingdom. The knowledge and experience acquired during my graduation has helped to achieve the dream of my life and also to do the best in my career. IADC has played a very crucial role in carving my vision and personality to achieve the best in this extremely competitive world

Antara Kundu
BSc: Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology
Batch: 2002-2005
Senior Microbiologist Health and Safety Officer: Synlab, United Kingdom

I am delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial as an alumnus of the Indian Academy, Bangalore, India, where I pursued my BSc (GBcMb) from 2003 to 2006. My time at this esteemed institution as an international student from Sri Lanka was a defining period that significantly influenced my journey to becoming a Senior Innovation Officer at the National Innovation Agency in Sri Lanka. The Indian Academy left an indelible mark on my academic and professional life. The degree program was a rigorous and comprehensive academic endeavor that offered a profound understanding of various scientific disciplines. The dedicated faculty members were instrumental in nurturing our intellectual growth, fostering critical thinking, and inspiring a thirst for knowledge. As a hosteler at the Indian Academy, I found a second home away from home. The hostel facilities provided a safe and welcoming environment, and the camaraderie among fellow students was a source of great comfort. It was in these dormitories and common areas that I forged lasting friendships, some of which continue to be a cherished part of my life. What truly set the Indian Academy apart was its vibrant and multicultural environment. Interacting with students from diverse backgrounds not only enriched my personal experiences but also broadened my global perspective. These interactions prepared me for the international collaborations and cross-cultural projects I would later engage in as a professional. I owe a profound debt of gratitude to the Indian Academy for the transformative education and experiences it provided during my stay in India. This period was instrumental in shaping me into the professional I am today. I wholeheartedly recommend the Indian Academy to aspiring students seeking an exceptional education and a life-changing experience. Thank you, Indian Academy, for being the cornerstone of my success.

Vindya N.J. Wijesinghe
BSc: Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology
Batch: 2002-2005
Senior Innovation Officer: National Innovation Agency Sri Lanka

The time I spent at Indian Academy during BA Journalism / Psychology /Optional English & MA English has really taught me a lot for my successful life, I got chance to improve my skills & knowledge which was very important part towards the path I chose now. I will always be grateful to Indian Academy for creating the discipline & dedication in me through the teachers who I owe my success to.
I would definitely rejoin Indian Academy and complete courses related to psychology in near future.
I personally feel that every student who has completed the education from Indian Academy will be missing the days spent at Indian Academy.
I had a dream before joining Indian Academy and all I did was join the academy and the trust on my professors helped me achieve my dreams, Indian academy is the place where dreams come true. I always feel very happy when it comes to talking about Indian academy,
The time spent at the campus, with friends, with teacher’s, the classrooms, the events are a lifelong cherishing memory.
I love the curriculum, greenery, cool and calm environment and other facilities that make every Indian academy student ready for the professional world.
Indian academy makes better people and like the saying goes “Better people make better world”
Thank you, Indian Academy, and to all the teachers who taught me.

Tejunath Chouhan J
Batch: 2017-2019
International Taekwondo Champion Founder/ CEO: CTA Taekwondo & Fitness Clubs

I am incredibly proud to share my experience as an alumnus of Indian Academy, where I earned my Bachelor of Computer Application degree in 2005. My journey at Indian Academy was nothing short of exceptional, leaving an indelible mark on both my personal and professional life.
During my time at Indian Academy, I was fortunate to be mentored by a dedicated and knowledgeable faculty who not only imparted technical expertise but also instilled in me the values of diligence, perseverance, and innovation. The college’s commitment to academic excellence, coupled with its modern facilities and well-equipped computer labs, provided the ideal environment for learning and growth.
What truly sets Indian Academy apart is its vibrant and inclusive campus community. I had the privilege of interacting with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, fostering not just academic but also cultural exchange. These experiences have been invaluable in shaping my worldview and interpersonal skills.
The knowledge and skills I acquired at Indian Academy have been instrumental in my successful career in the tech industry. The solid foundation laid during my time there has allowed me to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the IT field.
I am deeply grateful to Indian Academy for nurturing my potential and providing me with the
tools to excel in my career. The college’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development make it a standout institution. I wholeheartedly recommend Indian Academy to anyone seeking a quality education that goes beyond the classroom and prepares students for a bright future.

Kanchan Lodh Roy
Batch: 2002-2005
Group Manager Partner Operations: Microsoft

I am Dr. Ashwathanarayana Gowda Muniyappa, born in a small village of Kolar district. Karnataka. I completed my schooling in Kannada medium and college from JSS college Malur.
Later, obtained my bachelor’s degree (B.Sc) in Chemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology from Cricks Institute of Advanced Science, under Bangalore university with first class. Subsequently, I joined master’s degree program (M.Sc) specialized in organic chemistry at Indian Academy from 2008-2010 and secured first class. I was glad to have wonderful, experienced teaching faculties, staff, and advanced library facility at Indian Academy, which eventually help me to acquire great knowledge and practical skills in organic chemistry. I would say, Indian Academy is one among the best educational institutions in the garden city of Bangalore. The chemistry knowledge I gained at Indian academy has completely changed my carrier path. Immediately after MSc, I got a job offer from Anthem Bioscience Private Limited. In this company I worked as a Senior Scientist for 3 years (2010-2013). Later, I secured full time Ph.D admission at Raman Research Institute (RRI), one of the prestigious research institute in India, under department of science and technology (DST). During my PhD, I received a travel grant award from DST to present my research work at an international conference held in USA. I also visited various research laboratories at University of Texas, Austin, University of Colorado, Boulder in 2016. I received Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) prestigious fellowship from Taiwan’s Ministry of Education to perform research work at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) for 6 months. I presented my research work at various national and international conferences across India and in Brazil. After my PhD thesis submission, I got wonderful opportunity to work as a Research Associate at department of organic chemistry, Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Later, I moved to Fudan University, Shanghai, China as a high-level talent international postdoctoral research fellow for two years. After that, I was offered Associate Scientist-3 position at Discovery Chemistry solution, R & D, Aragen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and worked for 1 year. Subsequently, I got offered to move to United States of America. Presently I am working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University, Ohio, USA. My present research work includes liquid crystals synthesis, device fabrication, nanomaterials, Ink-jet printing, sensing device for toxic gases. I have published more than 25 research articles in international reputed journals.

Dr. Ashwathanarayana Gowda Muniyappa
M.Sc: Organic Chemistry
Batch: 2008-2010
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute: Kent State University, Ohio, USA

I joined Indian Academy Degree College as an ambitious student on the 04th of July 2004 with the inclination of studying electronics. After 19 years now when I look at myself, I feel very grateful for the opportunities that I have got and achieved. I have been working as an Engineering consultant and a visiting lecturer since 2010 up to date in the Naval Institute of Technology at Welisara, Ragama, Sri Lanka. I am the Chairman of Wisdom Educational Consultancy for educational consultancy all over the world for standard and reputed universities and colleges for engineering, medicine, science, and commerce secondary and territory education pathways with several universities in England, India, and Australia.
While the lessons I learnt from regular classes were helpful, the opportunities that the campus provided through facilities for practical sessions in all physics, and electronics were remarkable. As a Sri Lankan who was in the first batch in B.Sc (PME), I have been facilitated with outstanding hostel facilities including food and transport for all my batchmates by IADC. The management was so close to us and helped us overcome all the barriers that arose during the period.
I was the wicket-keeper and the opening batsman for the IADC’s first official cricket team was talking about the sports. Spectrum and the sports meets were fantastic events during my period with joy on the campus and had a good learning experience. I was in the Bangalore University team in 2005 and it was an unforgettable event in my life, thanks to Indian Academy Degree College.
Today I have incredible experiences, in the engineering field but also in the medical field due to the disciplined background which was fostered in the great campus of Indian Academy Degree College and my great qualified lecturers. My best wishes to my lecturers and the management of Indian Academy.

M. Anton R. Perera
BSc- Physics, Mathematics, Electronics
Batch: 2004-2007
Pursuing Ph.D. in Medical Physics

Studying at IADC has been a transformative journey that I wholeheartedly believe has shaped me into a more well-rounded and culturally aware individual. The beauty of a diverse culture is the undeniable growth that can easily be recognized when one moves from one place to another. This was the reality of my time at IADC; the multicultural diversity of this college greatly impacted my personal and professional growth.
One of the standout features of IADC is its exceptional academic structure. As a student, I was not only encouraged but also empowered to participate in every activity that took place within the college community. What truly set IADC apart was the complete absence of racial imbalance, creating an environment where every student felt valued and included. This inclusive atmosphere transformed my perspective on education, turning it from a potentially tedious vocation into a captivating journey filled with interest and enthusiasm- it was an amazing journey at IADC.
The student-teacher relationship is one of a kind. It is characterized by mutual respect, genuine care, and an unwavering commitment to the growth and development of every student. Professors at IADC go above and beyond to ensure their students receive the best from them as much as possible, fostering an environment where knowledge is imparted and celebrated. Personally, my time at IADC has broadened my horizons, allowing me to embrace diversity in all its forms. Professionally, the skills and experiences I gained have set me on a path to success, equipping me to thrive in today’s globalized world.
In conclusion, IADC has been a pivotal chapter in my life’s journey. It has not only provided me with a world-class education but has also instilled in me a deep appreciation for diversity, a love for learning, and a sense of purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend IADC to anyone seeking an enriching educational experience that transcends boundaries and fosters personal and professional growth.

Temitayo Cotek
BSc: Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbiology
Batch: 2013-2016
Senior Water Quality Analyst: Action International Services

From seedling, turning into sapling, is not an easy process and to limit innumerable lessons into a few words is difficult, but undoubtedly, one thing I can say that is IADC transformed me to be the best.
Student life in IADC gave me countless development opportunities which I can vouch that I have grown immeasurably as a person.
I often find myself reminiscing on the years spent in IADC which helped me explore my creativity, sports, debate and me participating in extracurricular activities and also hosting a few events.
ADC inculcated in me, leadership and coordination skills. I can proudly to say that I got my first job at Mphasis through the campus selection and with that started my professional journey. Worked with them for a year before moving to Accenture as a Communications Coordinator for a short span & then moved to the UAE.
I’m currently employed with an Emirates NBD bank, Dubai, the largest bank in the Middle east, as the Assistant to the Head of Region- New Dubai for the last 16+ years
Head held high and with a down to earth personality I can say that my teachers have been my strongest pillars of support and critics. I feel blessed to have been moulded by some great teachers.
Thank you IADC and all my teachers, what I am today is because of your endless dedication.

Rini Abraham
Batch: 2001-2003
Assistant Head of Region: New Dubai Emirates NBD bank

I graduated from IADC in 2010, and I must say that this institution was truly life-changing. I’m so grateful for the education and knowledge that I received here. IADC is dedicated to academic achievements and lecturers were exceptional in their teachings. Lecturers played
a vital role during my college days. They celebrated our success, no matter how small, and provided constructive feedback, when necessary, always pushing us to do better. The diversity at IADC was one of its strengths. I had the opportunity to collaborate with students from different cultural backgrounds like Sri Lankans, Nepalis & other students which extended my perspective and enriched my college experience. Participating and representing our college in the inter-college cultural fest filled me with immense pride. It was not just about competition; it was about showcasing the talent and spirit of our institution. The memories I made at IADC will stay with me forever. I am proud to be an alumni of this esteemed institution, and I carry the values I learned with me in all aspects of my life. It’s a place where creativity is nurtured, skills are developed, and establishing lifelong connections.

Swapna S
PU & B.Com
Batch: 2005-2007 & 2007-2010
COO: Fanchise4 Sure Pvt.. Ltd.

I had the privilege of graduating from Indian Academy Group of Institutions and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. The college not only provided me with a world-class education but also shaped me into a well-rounded individual. The dedicated faculty members, state-of-the-art facilities, and vibrant campus life made my years there truly unforgettable. The professors were not only experts in their fields but also approachable and always willing to support their students. The rigorous coursework challenged me to think critically and prepared me for the real world.
Beyond academics, the college fostered a nurturing environment for personal growth. I had the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities, which helped me develop leadership skills, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility. The college’s emphasis on holistic development truly sets it apart.
I also cherished the cultural diversity on campus. Interacting with students from different backgrounds broadened my horizons and enriched my college experience. The inclusive atmosphere of the college made me feel at home.
As an alum, I can proudly say that Indian Academy Group of Institutions laid the foundation for my future success. It instilled in me the values of hard work, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge. I am grateful for the memories and lifelong friendships I made during my time there.

Lonima Devi
B.Sc. & M.Sc. Biotechnology
Batch- 2001-2004, 2004-2006
Senior Manager Clinical Transparency, Clinical Reporting: GBS Global Business Services (GBS)

IADC is more than just a college; it’s a transformative journey through knowledge and personal growth. As a proud alumnus, I can’t help but reflect on the incredible experiences and opportunities this institution has provided me.
My association with IADC has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only did I receive good education that helped kickstart with the skills to excel in my chosen field, but I was also given the chance to give back to the institution. Being honoured to conduct seminars in various topics for management students and also to be invited to judge cultural shows was not just an acknowledgment of my achievements but a testament to IADC’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating its alumni.
The faculty members are not just educators but mentors where I had some who go the extra mile to ensure that students receive the best possible guidance. From where I see it, the campus is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, fostering an environment where creativity thrives.
IADC doesn’t just prepare you for a career; it indeed prepares you for life, though it didn’t feel very obvious while studying at IADC. The holistic approach to education instils values of integrity, resilience, and social responsibility. It’s not just about earning a degree; it’s about becoming a compassionate individual who can make a meaningful impact on the world.
My time at IADC was a period of immense personal growth and self-discovery. The college not only encourages you to dream big but helps with the tools and support to turn those dreams into reality.
I am profoundly thankful to the management, for the education, opportunities, and values IADC has imparted to me. It’s an institution that not only shapes careers but also moulds character. IADC has been instrumental in my journey, and I am proud to be associated with an institution that continues to inspire and empower generations of students.

B. Com
Batch 2007-2010
Global Portfolio Manager: Unilever

I vividly remember the day I walked through the doors of IA School of Management Studies, full of ambition but unsure of the path ahead. Little did I know that my time at IA would shape me into the professional I am today. I am immensely proud to be an alumnus of IASMS and I owe much of my success as a Collateral Services Specialist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. to the education and experiences I gained there.
IA School of Management Studies provided me with a world-class education that seamlessly blended theory with practical application. My journey as a student was not just about attending lectures; it was a holistic experience that encompassed a supportive community, exceptional faculty, and industry-relevant curriculum. The guidance and mentorship I received from professors and peers were invaluable, pushing me to excel academically and professionally.
The Collateral Services Specialist role at JPMorgan Chase & Co. is both dynamic and challenging. It requires precision, attention to detail and a deep understanding of financial markets. Thanks to IASMS comprehensive curriculum, I was well-prepared for the intricacies of this role. My coursework in finance, risk management, and compliance provided me with a strong foundation enabling me to navigate the complexities of collateral services seamlessly.
I extend my sincere thanks to IASMS for being the cornerstone of my success and I am excited to see the institution continue to shape the future leaders of the business world. To all current and prospective IA students, embrace the opportunities, push your boundaries and seize every moment, for IA has the power to transform your dreams into reality.

Hari Krishna B
Batch: 2019-2021
Collateral SVC Specialist: JP Morgan Chase & co.

My journey from being a student at IA School of Management Studies to becoming an Associate 2 in Resource Management at Ernst & Young has been nothing short of transformative. IASMS not only equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for success but also nurtured my professional growth in immeasurable ways.
At IASMS, I found a rich and diverse learning environment that pushed me to excel academically and professionally. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The faculty’s expertise and dedication were evident in every lecture and their mentorship played a pivotal role in my development.
As an Associate 2 in Resource Management at Ernst & Young, I am responsible for optimizing resource allocation and ensuring the right talent is deployed on projects. The skills and competencies I gained at IASMS have proven to be indispensable in this role. Courses in organizational behavior, talent management and strategic resource allocation provided me with a solid foundation.
I am deeply grateful to IA School of Management Studies for shaping my career and enabling me to excel in my current role. IASMS not only prepared me academically but also instilled in me a sense of professionalism and ethics that guide my actions in the corporate world. To all current and prospective IASMS students, I encourage you to make the most of your time at IASMS, for it has the potential to be a transformative journey that leads to a successful and fulfilling career.

Mr. Venkatdri
Associate 2 – Resource Management: Ernst and Young

Transitioning from my student days at IA School of Management Studies to my present position as a Senior Operation Executive at Kredit Bee has been an extraordinary and rewarding journey. IA has been instrumental in molding my career, equipping me with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving realm of fintech operations.
IA School of Management Studies offered me an exceptional educational experience that transcended traditional classroom learning. The faculty at IASMS was not only knowledgeable but also deeply invested in the success of their students. Their guidance and mentorship helped me navigate the complexities of the business world with confidence.
In my role at Kredit Bee, I am responsible for overseeing and optimizing our operations to ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience. The foundation for my success in this role was laid at IASMS, where I acquired a strong understanding of operations management, process optimization and customer-centric approaches.
I express my deep appreciation to IA School of Management Studies for its steadfast support and dedication to my professional development. My tenure at IASMS was a period of significant transformation equipping me not just for my present position but also for the wider array of corporate challenges. To all current and prospective IASMS students, I urge you to seize the opportunities that come your way, as IA holds the potential to ignite your own path towards a successful and gratifying journey.

Shanta Kumar K M
Batch: 2017-2019
Senior operation Executive: Kredit Bee

My path from being a student at IA School of Management Studies to my current position
as a Business Operations Associate at Accenture has been truly life-changing. IASMS gave me the know-how, abilities, and real-world exposure that played a crucial role in my professional development.
The education I gained at IASMS was much more than just reading textbooks and attending lectures; it was a well-rounded experience that readied me to tackle the practical challenges of the business world. The IASMS faculties who are experts in their fields provided me with steadfast guidance. Their mentorship was priceless, helping me navigate complex business situations with confidence.
The IASMS community is a vibrant and diverse one. Collaborating with peers from various backgrounds taught me the importance of diverse perspectives in problem-solving. This has been particularly beneficial in my role at Accenture, where innovative thinking and teamwork are highly valued.
IA not only provided me with the essential knowledge and skills for my profession but also nurtured a strong sense of ethics and responsibility that continues to steer my behaviour in the corporate realm. I want to express my gratitude to the dedicated Faculty, Administration, and Placement teams for their guidance and for paving the way for us to achieve our life goals.

Batch: 2020-2022
Business Operations Associate: Accenture

It is a joy for me to be a member of the institution, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Indian Academy School of Management Studies (IASMS) for helping me at every step I took during the vital years of my life. The relationship between the students, faculties and management members at IASMS is very cordial which made me analyse my area of interest. The faculty members put their trust on the students to the fullest and continuously supported us to reach heights. Besides that, the institution has given me sweet memories, faithful friends and sense of confidence to face the challenges and turbulence in life. My two years at IASMS has made me to enhance my knowledge and skills to a better extent. The extra support provided by all staff members and mentors which I would want to reminiscence. The establishment provides a welcoming atmosphere in which students feel free to communicate with instructors and get their difficulties resolved.
I always wanted to be a successful person. But the road to success is a rocky one. IASMS has been super supportive and incredibly instrumental in shaping my career. I would always be grateful for giving me a multidimensional learning and enhancing my overall extracurricular activities. Thank You, IASMS for everything it was a great experience and a lifetime memory.

Dr. Govinda Gowda HG
Batch: 2006-2008
Associate Professor: Mount Carmel College, Autonomous

I am truly grateful for the invaluable experiences I gained during my PUC years. One of the highlights was the opportunity to collaborate with students from different countries. This experience not only broadened my horizons but also taught me the importance of diverse perspectives in problem-solving and teamwork.
Additionally, I had the privilege of participating in various contests, which honed my skills in critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance. These contests not only challenged me to push my limits but also instilled a sense of determination and a passion for continuous improvement.
I must also extend my heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional lecturers who guided me throughout this journey. Their dedication, knowledge, and unwavering support were instrumental in shaping my educational experience.

Mohammed Irfan
Batch: 2003-2005
Author, Co-Founder: Skill Drives

I am thrilled to write this testimonial about my journey from Indian Academy to my current position as a Chartered Accountant specializing in Business Valuations and Consulting. My name is Subham Pareekh, and I am immensely grateful for the invaluable experiences and knowledge I gained during my time at Indian Academy.
I pursued my Pre-University Course (PUC) at Indian Academy, which served as the initial stepping stone toward my higher education and career aspirations. The strong foundation I received during my PUC years played a crucial role in shaping my academic and professional trajectory.
Indian Academy introduced me to the course of Chartered Accountancy and changed my life in profound ways. It was during my time at Indian Academy that I discovered my passion for accounting and finance.
Upon completing my PUC, I decided to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy, a path that aligned perfectly with my interests and ambitions. The faculty at Indian Academy continued to support and guide me as I embarked on this challenging journey. Their dedication to teaching and commitment to the success of their students were truly inspiring.
I am proud to say that I am now a Chartered Accountant, and my specialization lies in Business Valuation. Currently, I am working as a part of the Business Valuation team at one of India’s top 10 Chartered Accountancy firms. In my role, I perform business valuations for a diverse range of start-ups, both Indian and U.S.-based companies. Additionally, I provide consultancy services to venture capital funds, assisting them in making informed investment decisions.
This achievement would not have been possible without the rigorous coursework, practical insights, and strong foundation I received at Indian Academy. The decision to specialize in Business Valuation was a natural progression of my passion for finance and accounting. The skills I honed during my time at Indian Academy have been instrumental in my current role.
Today, I look back with gratitude at the formative years I spent at Indian Academy. The
knowledge, skills, and values instilled in me during my time there continue to serve as a strong foundation for my professional endeavors. I am excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.
I am deeply proud to be an alumnus of Indian Academy, and I carry the institution’s legacy with me in every aspect of my career. The education and experiences I received at Indian Academy have positioned me for success in my chosen field. I am excited to continue my pursuit of excellence in the field of finance and business valuations.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Indian Academy for its unwavering support and guidance throughout my academic journey. I am excited to continue my journey as a Chartered Accountant and am proud to have started it at Indian Academy.

Subham Pareekh
Batch: 2012-2014
Chartered Accountant

I am delighted to share my journey as an alumnus of Indian Academy PU College, and how this institution played a pivotal role in shaping my career and life. My name is Syed Yunus, and I had the privilege of completing my 1st and 2nd PU education at Indian Academy.
My time at Indian Academy was a transformative period in my life. The college provided not just academic excellence, but also a holistic environment that nurtured character and leadership qualities. The dedicated faculty and staff were instrumental in my personal and intellectual growth. Their unwavering support and guidance helped me lay a strong foundation for my future endeavors.
After graduating from Indian Academy, I pursued higher education in B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering). The strong academic background and critical thinking skills I developed during my time at IAPUC served as a solid base for my further studies. Armed with this knowledge, I ventured into the corporate world, and today, I am proud to serve as the Founder and CEO of Plentra Technologies Pvt Ltd a technology company that is based in Bangalore.
Our company has expanded its reach globally, with collaborations and partnerships with companies in the United Kingdom, Central America, Africa, and Asia. This international presence has been possible due to the principles of excellence, innovation, and teamwork instilled in me during my time at Indian Academy. The education and values imparted at this esteemed institution have been my guiding light throughout my career.
Indian Academy PU College not only focuses on academic excellence but also fosters a culture of leadership and community engagement. These values have been integral to my journey, enabling me to not only succeed in the corporate world but also give back to the community through various philanthropic initiatives.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Indian Academy family – the teachers, staff, and fellow students – who contributed to my growth and success. The friendships and memories I made during my time at Indian Academy are cherished treasures that I carry with me to this day.
In conclusion, Indian Academy PU College has been instrumental in shaping me into the person I am today. It provided the knowledge, values, and opportunities that enabled me to reach new heights in my career. I will forever be grateful to this institution and its wonderful community.

Syed Yunus
Batch: 2016-2018
Founder and CEO: Plentra Technologies Pvt Ltd

Looking back on my education in Indian Academy PU College, one word that comes to mind is exceptional. I found the classes and knowledge taught to be rewarding in every aspect, resulting to immediate success in my career upon graduation.

One of the greatest things with the IAPUC is the professors. They truly understand the merging of lectures and real-world examples to review while learning different topics in the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing ongoing current events through the lens of lecture material in PUC.

Since graduating, I feel I use the knowledge learned from my PUC every day in my career. I feel IAPUC prepared me for what I would face once entering the job market, allowing me to hit the ground running and have success in various roles so far. I currently sit as the Founder Director Of Niralya Studios’ Creating Name and Fame in the Field of Fashion. My career has blossomed in the Business Intelligence space, solely due to the foundations of the PU curriculum that allowed me to build on all the unique classes in the Business and To lead an ethical lifestyle. I have Had Great Memories in College which I still cherish, The Constant encouragement of my Teachers are a Blessing which I will count forever.

I am proud to be a part of such a great institution and call myself a falcon.
I Thank My Chairman, Secretary & my teachers for Making me Get Ready For Life.

Ranjeetha Sundhar
Fashion Designer & Celebrity Stylist

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