Labs & IT Infra

In all the Institutions of IAGI, laboratories have been established to support various disciplines with adequate facilities and necessary equipment. Laboratories are extensively used for experiential learning achieved through experimentation and research. Appropriate safety procedures and protocols are in place and are subject to continuous refinement. Full-fledged laboratories with high-end equipment have been established in a number of departments such as Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Genetics, Microbiology, Physics and Psychology etc. to name a few. Apart from these facilities, additional learning resources are also made available in the form of dedicated Language Laboratory, and Business and Commerce Laboratory.

Laboratories are equipped to promote research among faculty and students. Advanced facilities have been provided to encourage and assist in research activities, for disciplines like Molecular Biology, Life Sciences and Genetic Engineering.

Extensive use of ICT is a key feature of learning at IAGI. The campuses are Wi-Fi enabled. An independent, institutional server houses a structured Knowledge Management System, and digital resources. Computers used for instructional purposes are equipped with the latest software. A Campus Management Software enables easy access to information; for students: resources such as lesson plans, reference material, course curriculum, schedules etc; for teachers: resources like additional teaching material, student profiles, easy tracking and monitoring of student performance, appraisal methods and forms; for parents: easy tracking and monitoring of ward’s progress, feedback from faculty etc.

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