NAAC re-accredited with 'A' Grade | Autonomous College under University Grants Commission & Bengaluru North University

Course Structure

I Semester
Sl. NoSubjectTitle
1LanguageKAN 1.1 Kannada/ HIN 1.1 Hindi/ ADE 1.1 Additional English/ FRE 1.1 French
2EnglishENG 1.1General English
3HistoryHIS 1.1 History of India-I
4Political SciencePOL 1.1Core Concepts of Political Science
5EconomicsECO 1.1 Principles of Micro Economics
6Foundation CourseEPH 1.1 Environment & Public Health
7Extra Co-curriculum Activity
II Semester
Sl. NoSubjectTitle
1LanguageKAN 2.1 Kannada/ HIN 2.1 Hindi/ ADE 2.1 Additional English/ FRE 2.1 French
2EnglishENG 2.1General English
3HistoryHIS 2.1 History of India –II
4Political SciencePOL 2.1 Understanding Political Theory/
5EconomicsECO 2.1 Principles of Macro Economics
6Foundation CourseICH 2.1 Indian Constitution & Human Rights
7Extra Co-curriculum Activity
III Semester
Sl. NoSubjectTitle
1LanguageKAN 3.1 Kannada/ HIN 3.1 Hindi/ ADE 3.1 Additional English/ FRE 3.1 French
2EnglishENG 3.1 General English
3HistoryHIS 3.1 History of South Indian with Special Reference to Karnataka
4Political SciencePOL 3.1 Indian Constitution – Institutional Framework
5EconomicsECO 3.1 Quantitative Techniques
6Soft SkillSAS 3.1 Science & Society
7Extra Co-curriculum Activity
IV Semester
Sl. NoSubjectTitle
1LanguageKAN 4.1 Kannada/ HIN 4.1 Hindi/ ADE 4.1 Additional English/ FRE 4.1 French
2EnglishENG 4.1 General English
3HistoryHIS 4.1 History of Modern India
4Political SciencePOL 4.1 Western and Eastern Political Thought
5EconomicsECO 4.1 Indian Economy
6Soft SkillPDE 4.1 Personality Development
7Extra Co-curriculum Activity
V Semester
Sl. NoSubjectTitle
1HistoryHIS 5.1 India after Independence
HIS 6.1 History of Europe 1500-1945
2Political SciencePOL 5.1 Public Administration: Core Concepts
POL 6.1 International Relations
3EconomicsECO 5.1 History of Economic Thought
ECO 6.1 Public Economics or Human Resource Management
4Soft SkillB & I 5.1 Banking and Insurances
5Extra Co-curriculum Activity
VI Semester
Sl. NoSubjectTitle
1HistoryHIS 7.1 Contemporary World
HIS 8.1 History of West Asia since 1900 CE
2Political SciencePOL 7.1 Major Constitutional Systems
POL 8.1 International Institutions and Foreign Policies
3EconomicsECO 7.1 International Economics
ECO 8.1 Indian Financial System or Rural Development & Cooperation
4Soft SkillESI 6.1 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
5Extra Co-curriculum Activity