NAAC re-accredited with 'A' Grade | Autonomous College under University Grants Commission & Bengaluru North University

Course Structure

Course Duration : 3 years/Six Semesters
Curriculum : The course consists of 38 instructional paper spread over six semesters. Apart from Business related papers, Visits to different organizations, Industrial Study Tours, Project Works, Seminar, Workshops, Personality Development programs etc., are undertaken regularly.
I Semester
Sl. NoPaperTitleHours
11.1SecondLanguage: Kannada/ Additional English/ Hindi56 Hrs
21.2General English56 Hrs
31.3Fundamentals of Accounting60 Hrs
41.4Business Economics56 Hrs
51.5Quantitative Methods for Business – I60 Hrs
61.6Management Process56 Hrs
71.7Foundation Course*42 Hrs
81.8CC & EC*
II Semester
Sl. NoPaperTitleHours
12.1Second Language: Kannada/ Additional English/ Hindi50 Hrs
22.2General English50 Hrs
32.3Financial Accounting60 Hrs
42.4Quantitative Methods for Business – II60 Hrs
52.5Organisational Behaviour56 Hrs
62.6Marketing Management56 Hrs
72.7Foundation Course*42 Hrs
82.8CC & EC*
III Semester
Sl. NoPaperTitleHours
13.1Second Language: Kannada/ Additional English/ Hindi50 Hrs
23.2Soft Skills for Business50 Hrs
33.3International Business56 Hrs
43.4Corporate Accounting60 Hrs
53.5Human Resource Management56 Hrs
63.6Production & Operations Management56 Hrs
73.7Business Regulations56 Hrs
83.8SDC*42 Hrs
93.9CC & EC*
IV Semester
Sl. NoPaperTitleHours
14.1Second Language: Kannada/ Additional English/ Hindi50 Hrs
24.2Business Research Methods56 Hrs
34.3Financial Management60 Hrs
44.4Services Management56 Hrs
54.5Business Ethics & CSR56 Hrs
64.6Banking Regulations & Operations56 Hrs
74.7Cost Accounting60 Hrs
94.9CC & EC*
V Semester
Sl. NoPaperTitleHours (Weekly)
15.1Entrepreneurial Management4 Hrs
25.2Computer Applications in Business4 Hrs
35.3Management Accounting4 Hrs
45.4Project Management4 Hrs
55.5Elective Paper I4 Hrs
65.6Elective Paper II4 Hrs
75.7SDC*3 Hrs
VI Semester
Sl. NoPaperTitleHours (Weekly)
16.1Income Tax4 Hrs
26.2Business Policy & Strategy4 Hrs
36.3E-Business4 Hrs
46.4Elective Paper III4 Hrs
56.5Elective Paper IV4 Hrs
66.6Project Report & Viva VoceField Work
76.7SDC*3 Hrs
Elective Paper
Sl. NoTitleHours (Weekly)
Elective : Finance
1Financial Markets & Services4 Hrs
2Security Analysis & Portfolio Management4 Hrs
3International Finance4 Hrs
4Stock and Commodity Markets4 Hrs
Sl. NoTitleHours (Weekly)
Elective : Human Resource
1Employee Welfare & Social Security4 Hrs
2Strategic HRM4 Hrs
3Organizational Change & Development4 Hrs
4Compensation Management4 Hrs
Sl. NoTitleHours
Elective : Marketing
1Consumer Behavior4 Hrs
2Advertising & Media Management4 Hrs
3Brand Management /Digital Marketing4 Hrs
4Retail Management4 Hrs
Internship, Industrial Visits & Project Work
  • The students have to take up a mini project on industry analysis during third semester and submit a report for evaluation to get 2 credits & 100 Marks before fourth semester.
  • The students must visit a minimum of four manufacturing companies to understand the management practices and submit a report.
  • The students also must take up a project work during sixth semester in which each student must select an organisation and conduct a study to make a report based on analysis and findings.
  • Project topics must be selected based on specialisation chosen by student during fifth semester.
  • The project work and industrial visit report carry total of 100 marks, out of which 60 marks for project report, 20 marks for industrial visit report and 20 marks for viva voce.