NAAC re-accredited with 'A' Grade | Autonomous College under University Grants Commission & Bengaluru North University

Course Structure

I Semester
Sl. NoPaper CodeTitle of PaperHours
1C-101Inorganic Chemistry – I52 Hrs
2C-102Organic Chemistry – I52 Hrs
3C-103Physical Chemistry I52 Hrs
4C-104Bio-Physical/Bio-Organic & Medicinal Chemistry52 Hrs
5C-105Green Synthesis (Soft-Core)36 Hrs
6C-106Inorganic Chemistry Practical – I60 Hrs
7C-107Inorganic Chemistry Practical – II60 Hrs
8C-108Physical Chemistry Practical – I60 Hrs
9C-109Physical Chemistry Practical – II60 Hrs
II Semester
Sl. NoPaper CodeTitle of PaperHours
1C-201Inorganic Chemistry-II52 Hrs
2C-202Organic Chemistry-II52 Hrs
3C-203Physical Chemistry-II52 Hrs
4C-204Spectroscopy-I52 Hrs
5C-205Mathematics for Chemists (Soft-Core)36 Hrs
6C-206Inorganic Chemistry Practical – III60 Hrs
7C-207Inorganic Chemistry Practical – IV60 Hrs
8C-208Physical Chemistry Practical – III60 Hrs
9C-209Physical Chemistry Practical – IV60 Hrs
III Semester
Sl. NoPaper CodeTitle of PaperHours
1C-301Organic Reaction Mechanism52 Hrs
2C-302Chemistry of Natural Products52 Hrs
3C-303Organic Spectroscopy52 Hrs
4C-304Open Elective52 Hrs
5C-305Organic Chemistry Practical-I60 Hrs
6C-306Organic Chemistry Practical-II60 Hrs
5C-307Organic Chemistry Practical-III60 Hrs
5C-308Organic Chemistry Practical-IV60 Hrs
IV Semester
Sl. NoPaper CodeTitle of PaperHours
1C-401Organometallic and Heterocyclic-Chemistry52 Hrs
2C-402Stereochemistry and Retro-Synthetic Analysis52 Hrs
3C-403Organic Synthesis52 Hrs
4C-404Medicinal Organic Chemistry52 Hrs
5C-405Organic Chemistry Practical – V60 Hrs
6C-406Organic Chemistry Practical – VI60 Hrs
6C-407Organic Chemistry Practical – VII60 Hrs
6C-408Organic Chemistry Practical – VIII60 Hrs