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NAAC re-accredited with 'A' Grade | Autonomous College under University Grants Commission & Bengaluru North University

MSc in Microbiology

MSc. in Microbiology is a two-year postgraduate programme, offered in affiliation to Bengaluru North University, spread over four semesters.

This course covers various fields of microbiology such as virology, bacteriology, mycology, immunology, microbial genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, and agricultural, medical and industrial microbiology. It is a subjective as well as an objective course and consists of theory and practical sessions as a part of the curriculum. Students will have assignments, seminars and tests as a part of their continuous internal assessment. The third and fourth semesters include a project bound by evaluation and viva.

Programme Outcome (PO):

PO1: Students qualify to embark on their career progression leading to higher research programme in Microbiology and other biological Sciences.

PO2: Scientific Method: hypothesis generation and testing, including the development of theoretical and practical skills in the design and execution of experiments.

PO3: Scientific Communication: the development and execution of oral and writing skills necessary for effective communication of experimental results, the ability to think critically regarding a discipline topic, and the conveyance of scientific principles to audiences of postgraduate Microbiology

PO4: Evaluate and respond to complex questions or challenge, using perspectives and scholarship drawn from microbiology and from cognate and non-cognate fields

PO5: Students become well equipped to be placed in health care organizations,data science laboratories, environmental organizations, higher educationalinstitutions, food, dairy and beverage industries and pharmaceutical industries