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Program Outcomes (POs)

POPO Statements
PO- 1Our graduates shall have the ability to understand the  competitive and dynamic elements of the domestic and global business environment and  align business  practices of their organisations to  sustain these changes.  Students will be able  to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage managerial & leadership skills for creating their own ventures or family businesses. 
PO - 2Our MBA graduates will have the fundamental knowledge and analytical skills required to apply appropriate management theories  to actual business situations and resolve business problems through effective decision making.
PO - 3Students should be able to demonstrate their ability to assess and evaluate any relevant business issues from a global perspective and exhibit an appreciation of Cross Cultural aspects of business and management.
PO - 4Ability to exhibit ethical principles, commitment  to ethical managerial choices and acting with integrity within their organisations leading  to well- being of all stakeholders.
PO - 5Students will be able to  effectively communicate in diverse business context and in technology mediated environments.
PO - 6MBA graduates shall have leadership and team membership skills needed for coordinating and contributing effectively towards organizational activities and accomplishment of goals.