Bachelor of Commerce – Tourism - Indian Academy
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NAAC re-accredited with 'A' Grade | Autonomous College under University Grants Commission & Bengaluru North University

Programmes Overview

Indian Academy Degree College started to offer B.Com Tourism in the year 1999. Ever since, this programme has catered to commerce aspirants who desire to build their professional competence on higher plateaus, with specialized knowledge in the fields of business, tourism and commerce.

Name of the Department: Department of Tourism Studies

Programme Outcome (PO):

PO-1. The program is designed to produce senior management level tourism and travel professionals who with their expertise can serve both private and public institutions
PO-2. The program imparts candidates the knowledge of the day-to-day working of the industry and the operations carried out at the management level
PO-3. Students gain a practical view of the concepts and skills applied to crisis management, conduct market research as well as building sustainable tourism management through imparting real-life work scenarios
PO-4. Students gain mastery over the tools which are applied in bookings and online management of services.
PO-5. Designing the curriculum into theoretical and practical aspects, students are given an in – depth knowledge of the operations carried out in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry.
PO-6. Study tours are arranged to impart a practical approach to the students, who get a hands-on experience in the industry in detail.
PO-7. The activities undertaken during the course study helps in instilling good communication and interpersonal skills in the candidates, so as to help them meet the expectations of the vast needs of the industry.
PO-8. The program aims to refine and polish the skills of the students making them proficient to take up future businesses in the sector of Travel and Tourism.
PO-9. The program includes 3 foreign languages (French and foreign language skills can be useful in the industry to assist the international traveler, interact with them and employees in those countries, and to work abroad.