ICCR SCHOLARS - Indian Academy


The ICCR, on behalf of the Government of India, offers scholarships and fellowships to international students wishing to study in India. Indian Academy attracts, on an average, 30 international students through ICCR and Govt. of India scholarships every year, indicative of the preferred choice of meritorious international students.

IAGI has been associated with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) from the academic year 2011-12. Students are admitted through Bengaluru North University, under the Govt. of India scholarship scheme administered through ICCR. In the year 2011-12, we had 19 students from 5 countries viz. Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Mongolia, studying various courses like B.A., B.Sc., BBM and BCA. In the year 2012-13, the number of students who availed this scholarship was 20, and in the year 2013-14, this number reached 32, with students coming in from 7 countries, namely Laos, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Maldives and Nepal.

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