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Placement Policy & Process

Placement Policy

All the final year Undergraduate, Post Graduate students who are either pursuing or have successfully completed their course are eligible to be a part of the Campus / Off campus recruitment programme of Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services(IACSPS). All efforts are made to place the concerned students in the best of organizations in India and abroad through Training and Placement cell along with various departmental supports.

Guidelines for the Eligible students:

  • IACSPS strictly adheres to the One Student One offer Norm at this point in time.
  • A student can accept only one offer from any Company.
  • The student must convey his interest within 2 hrs from the offer is made.
  • Once the student accepts an offer, he will be out of the further placement processes.
  • In the case of any confusion, the case must be brought to the notice of any of the Placement Committee Members at the earliest.

Guidelines for participating in internship / Placement process
Please find the guidelines for enrolling with IACSPS for either Internship or placement during the academic year. All the students must abide by the terms and conditions mentioned below. Students found violating these guidelines will be de-registered from the Internship/Placement process.

1. Eligibility for Placement:
1st Yr. of 2nd Yr. PG, MBAProbable PG degree /MBA recipients in the convocation
2nd Yr. of 3Yr. UGProbable UG degree recipients in the convocation
2nd,3rd Years of B.Sc Nursing
4th Year B.Sc Nursing Students
2. The Registration:
  • Keep necessary details ready to fill the profile as per the Placement Registration Form during June - November
  • One needs to build their CV and submit along with the Placement Registration Form.
  • One can add/ modify additional information only during the re-registration process. (i.e. placement during Phase-II ( January – April ).
  • Only registered students will be able to take part in the further process. All other students will be treated as Not Interested/Off- Campus/ Non IACSPS track. We encourage such student to inform their placement status to IACSPS for records.
  • Mere registering will not be enough for consideration of your candidature in any organisation. For each organisational requirement one has to apply separately.
3. Applying for an Organisation:
  • After successful registration, candidate will be given timely information about the companies and roles for which he/she is eligible to apply.
  • Once a student applies to a company, he/she is agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned for the corresponding company and will agree to take part in the complete process.
  • Any student not registering in Phase II will be treated as Not Interested / Non IACSPS track.
  • Once applied, a student can withdraw for a specific company only till the last date of CV / profile submission for that Company.
  • Once the last date is over the candidate will not be able to withdraw from the process.
4. Selection:
  • Once a student is offered, he/she has to accept the offer within the deadline. Failing which the offer is cancelled, further the student is treated as placed and will not be able to participate in further placement process.
  • If any student has multiple offers in a single day/slot, he/she has to choose one within the specific deadline.
  • A candidate once selected, will not be able to apply and take part in the further Internship/Placement process.
  • 5. Some Important points:
    1. It is advisable to attend the briefing sessions for all eligible companies
    2. It is mandatory to attend the briefing session for all the companies where a candidate has applied.
    3. All the information pertaining to various procedures and updates will be informed by IACSPS only through interactive sessions, Circular and eMails.
    4. Only in emergencies personal calls or emails will be made to keep the respective candidate updated.
    5. The deadlines are strict and no request for any extension will be entertained under any circumstance.
    6. No CV will be accepted through email or in person unless otherwise informed.
    7. Any information mentioned by a candidate along with a documentary proof will be placed under "Certified Data" after due verification.
    8. Any information either is not passed the verification or no documentary proof will be placed under "Not Certified Data".
    9. Relevant data will be accessible to the company and hence in case of any misrepresentation of information by a candidate, such candidate will be de-registered immediately and also would invite severe disciplinary action.
    10. On Campus Recruitment Day, the Students have to ensure the followimg:
    a) Must report on time as mentioned in the schedule(on Campus / Off Campus)
    b) Students must Wear Business Formals for every recruitment process. Students wearing casuals during recruitment process will not be allowed.
    c) Students should carry one folder with them containing Resumes, Passport size Photographs,Copies of Mark Sheets & Certificates, and stationary items.
    d) Students must compulsorily carry their College ID Cards
    Defaulters will not be allowed to attend the interview process.
    11. Students are not allowed to contact Company/ HR Delegates directly for any reason. If they are facing any issues,they have to first contact their Placement Officer and discuss with Him/Her.
    12. Strit discipline needs to be followed by every student during the recruitment process. Any sort of misbehaviour on the part of the students which affects the decorum of the Company and the reputation of the Institution will attract severe penalty.
    13. Many times it can happen that Campus Recruitment Process can stretch till late evening. All students have to inform this to their Parents/ Guardian/Hostel Warden and should arrange their own transport.

    For all matters not covered by the above policy, IACSPS will use its discreation to take appropriate decisions.