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Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence is nurtured in Indian Academy Group of Institutions through well-structured academic delivery, state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced & talented faculty, superior learning resources & many other student-centric initiatives.

Achievements in academics & co-curricular fields are recognized and rewarded aptly to motivate students. Class Toppers and Course Toppers are recognized and rewarded in every course of every Indian Academy Institution during the Annual Day celebrations.

Academic Excellence Prizes’ awarded to University Rank Holders / Institutional Toppers, apart from this, Cash Prizes were also given away to these students.

Cash Prizes:
1st Rank: Rs. 18,000, 2nd Rank: Rs. 15,000, 3rd Rank: Rs. 12,000 & 4th to 10th Rank – Rs. 10,000
+ One Certificate & one memento for Each Rank holder