Study at Indian Academy

Imparting quality higher education since its inception in 1994

Teaching Methodology

  • The curricula for UG and PG programmes are designed to be predominantly classroom-friendly along with some practical-based/experiential learning through labs and fieldwork. To enthuse students, additional activities such as workshops, student club activities, short-term projects, quizzes, etc. are regularly encouraged.
  • Use of multi-media/AV (Audio-Visual)/ICT (Information and Communication Technology) based learning techniques
  • Regular usage of DLP-Projectors
  • Inquiry-based learning through quizzing, MCQs, etc.
  • Student seminars and workshops
  • Periodic evaluation through internal tests
  • Availability of NPTEL (National Programme on Technology- Enhanced Learning)
  • Availability of E-resources
  • Clinical training through Hospital postings for nursing students
  • Group Discussions- Group learning-Assignments-Cooperative learning cycles

The ever- enthusiastic drive of the faculty and student community pushes students to reach great heights in their endeavors. Their efforts and excellent performance outcomes are recognized and suitably rewarded through merit scholarships, cash prizes, etc. Through the years, there has been an escalation in the number of students winning laurels to their credit.